Application: The two models ZDB and HDB submersible electric pump can be used in irrigation and drainage of agricultural field, and can also be used in supply and sewerage water of factory, mine, dock, urban construction, water supply works and power station. The Axial flow submersible electric pump applies to the condition of low lift head, high flow-rate; while the mixed-flow submersible electric pump is very efficient with high performance of cavitation erosion. It is applicable for the occasion where the water level changes greatly and the requirement to the lift head is high. The conveyance medium is untreated water or lightly polluted water. The highestRead More →

Product Description Features HJR Series is designed for removing sprue and runner,simple product from injection molding machine in 100-650T.The arm structures are double section, three/five axes AC servo motor drive.Products take out at super high-speed(0.8sec)and fully cycle time within 5 sec,applicable to take out products with short forming cycle or complex automatic.Also with mold labeling and mold inserting. Detailed Images Customer CaseRead More →