ZDB.HDB submersible axial water pump

ZDB.HDB submersible axial water pump


The two models ZDB and HDB submersible electric pump can be used in irrigation and drainage of agricultural field, and can also be used in supply and sewerage water of factory, mine, dock, urban construction, water supply works and power station.

The Axial flow submersible electric pump applies to the condition of low lift head, high flow-rate; while the mixed-flow submersible electric pump is very efficient with high performance of cavitation erosion. It is applicable for the occasion where the water level changes greatly and the requirement to the lift head is high. The conveyance medium is untreated water or lightly polluted water. The highest temperature of the conveyed resolution is 40oC.

ZDB.HDB submersible axial water pump




1. Due to the electric motor is combined with the hydraulic pump, the assembly procedure is no longer necessary for lining up axis

of electric motor, transmission mechanism and hydraulic pump on site, which costs labor and time. Now the installation on the

spot becomes easy and fast.

2. As its operation submerged into water, the electric pump can greatly simplify geotechnical engineering and building structure

engineering of pump station, reduce erection space and save 30%-40% construction cost.

3. Low noise, no high temperature in pump station, improving the operational environment and underground pump station can be

built according to the requirement; as a result, the environment scene on the ground can be maintained.

4. Submersible electric pump has double and triple mechanical seal and F grand insulation (155oC thermostable ) with protection

grand IP68 (IEC). The pump has hydraulic model of nationwide unified design, which has high reliability and has the same

performance of the conventional hydraulic pump so that the customer can select the model easily.

5. Convenient operation, and easy to realize remote control and automatic control.

6.  Adopting this type of submersible electric pump is the most through approach for building pump station along the river and lake

area where the water level fluctuate greatly, as well as fluctuate the problem of flood prevention of pump; moreover, the major

shaft and intermediate shaft are not required any more, and the machine set can operate more steady and reliable.






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ZDB.HDB submersible axial water pumpZDB.HDB submersible axial water pump

ZDB.HDB submersible axial water pump

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